A golf ball is a special ball designed to be used in the game of golf since the 14th century. Ever since that time, a lot of manufacturers have successfully designed different types of golf balls.

Most of the professional golfers know that finding the right ball can change their game and can take their game into a new level. It is important that one should know the different brands and the basic component or how the balls were made to make sure that the right one is picked.

This article will cover some golf ball brands that have been produced over the years by different companies. While numerous companies have already closed or shut down their businesses, some are still operational up to today.

Listed below are some of the known brands and are widely used by some of the professional golfers:

golf ballGolf balls from this company are among the most used by professional golfers. It is because of their optimized aerodynamics. This allows the ball to go for specific miles per hour and over the swing speeds of a specific golfer.


Nike ballIt is the brand used by one of the most famous golfers, Tiger Woods. Right now, the company is working on a new ball that is supposed to beat the sales of a competitor brand known as Titleist. The ball that they are trying to perfect will most likely have a small core. By trying to make the core more lightweight, the stuff surrounding the core will become heavier. This can support better distance and stability.


Srixon ballThey are widely known to have produced the Srixon Tour Yellow Golf Balls. Yellow is considered to be the most visible out of the many colors in a visual scale. Many psychologists have also associated green with stress relief and calming effects. There are studies that show that Srixon mixed the two colors (green and yellow) based upon the findings of psychologists. This is done to easily tap into the minds of players while also increasing the benefits provided by playing the sport using a good and high quality ball.


Titleist ballMost people that have used this brand have mentioned that it is the best ball they have played with. Most have mentioned that it is due to the consistent flight the golf balls are designed to have. While researching as to why they are the number one company as of this year, it was detected that they have perfected one of the most important factors in playing golf. This is having full control of the ball on the green. The balls are built to last but feel so soft when you hit them. Most golfers have mentioned in their blogs that it is the best ball brand to date and their favorite!


Volvik ballThey are known to produce high-quality balls that are available in different colors such as orange, pink, green and yellow. One of the many things that they have achieved is combine a solid inner core which is enclosed in a soft casing. This case offers optimal spin separation ability while also optimizing the balance between control and distance. This combination have attracted a lot of golfers to try the products out.


Wilson ballWilson has been at the forefront of golf innovation for more than 80 years. They are very proud of their Wilson Staff golf balls claiming that it is the softest ball in the market at present while also having a great distance.

These are some of the most known golf ball brands that are currently out in the market. As most people know, the golf ball is the sole equipment used by a player in each hole. Because of this, you need to buy one which meets the standards of professional golfers. There are a lot of good brands out there and all a golfer has to do is to at least try them so he can pick the best choice.

The golf ball market is a tough and competitive arena. For every manufacturer, it’s the performance of each golf ball they produce that is leading their way to success.

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There are many manufacturers and sellers of ID lanyards in the market. There are different groups and organizations that use lanyards. Schools, companies and organizations are some of the main consumers of lanyards.

Lanyards gained popularity for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons why lanyards became the preferred item to hold ID cards is the fact that they are more convenient to use and they are more pleasant to look at compared to clips.

Since lanyards are being worn around the neck, they can easily be spotted and it makes identity inspection more efficient. Securing your ID in lanyard also makes it unlikely for you to lose your ID. Clips do not really securely hold your ID.

Lanyards have other uses apart from just being an ID holder. Below are just few of the purposes of lanyards:

ID Lanyards1.  Lanyards are not just made too hold your ID but also to hold other smaller items that you have to carry with you every day. An example of which will be a key to your locker, your house key, car key or even a security token. Small items are prone to getting lost or misplaced and it can cause a lot of stress to look for them. Instead of you having a purse to keep these other small items, you could also secure them to your lanyard and you can conveniently carry them wherever you go.

2. ID lanyards are being used as a form of identification. When you enter your office building, the security guards or other people in the building will not really check you are the details of your ID. In most cases, if they see you wearing the same lanyard that they are wearing then people will assume that you work for the same company. For some people, it is enough for them to see the name of your company or group on the lanyard to know where to look for you if they have to.

Lanyards3. When you wear a lanyard, you become a walking advertisement of whatever name or company name is printed on the lanyard. Other people will know the existence of your company, your group or product if its name is printed on the lanyard. Therefore, it is important that you properly wear your lanyard because it represents your group or organization. Wearing company lanyard is a way of introducing your company to other people.

4. Wearing the same company or group lanyard makes your company or group look organized. Not everyone wears an office uniform at work but sometimes having a sense of uniformity is pleasant to look at. Wearing uniform ID lanyards can easily create that organized ambiance at work. A simple act of wearing a company lanyard can give someone a sense of belonging.

Lanyards5. Lanyards can be part of your fashion statement. Lanyards come in different designs. They are not just limited to the company lanyards that are mainly given by companies to their employees. There are lanyards that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Some lanyards are even designed to look like oversized necklaces so they can be used as an accessory. You can accessorize your outfit by wearing a lanyard with bright colors or strong graphic design. You can choose to wear a lanyard that would complement your outfit.

These are just some of the uses of lanyards. ID lanyards had gained popularity for these reasons and they remain to be a handy and useful item to own.

Lanyard manufacturers continue to produce them because they know that companies and organizations see their importance. Companies see the use of lanyards not just as a way of identifying their employees but also because they know that they can be used as a marketing tool as well.

When companies ask their employees to wear their ID lanyards they know that they are not just creating that sense of belonging among their employees but they are also promoting their company. Their people become the walking ads of their company.


There are several processes that we use for your circuit boards while they undergo PCB assembly, and we thought that we can share them with our clients who are consumers of electronic components. These processes also apply to building the PCB prototype because it is important to know the correct process to save money and time and come up with the highest quality product.

PCB AssemblyDuring the stages of drafting, designing, and manufacturing, most of our engineers would create a prototype so they would know what components to use and how to place these components on the circuit board. They also do some tests to determine how much they will need for the final task before starting everything. This is a critical stage that must not be ignored or rushed, and it is also the ideal reason to test a certain process and find out the results.


Basically, creating a prototype involves two process categories, which are:

1. Subtractive

To complete the PCB assembly, any excess copper coated plating will be stripped off in this process. You can choose from the following options:

2. Milling

This process is a common way for us to manufacture PCBs through the use of a milling machine. It creates the brunt of the product. The kind of device used is also called a “PCB Prototyper,” and to create the circuit board, it is commanded by x-, y, and z-axis software.

3. Silk Screen Printing

A PCB can be manufactured through the silk screen printing process just like that used in printing images and text on T-shirts and other articles of clothing. It is a bit different than printing shirts, but this process still uses ink to build a part of the circuit board.

4. Photoengraving

Through this process, the photoresist is taken off. Only the conductive plating is left because the PCB needs it for it to work properly. This process of PCB assembly also uses etching and engraving.

5. Additive

In contrast to subtractive, this process adds the copper instead of stripping off the excess. Like photoengraving, the additive process is a popular process that we use through laminating and subjecting the circuit board to a chemical bath that coats it with the required conductive components. This is the most common way that we use to manufacture a PCB.


Depending on the function of the circuit board and the reason we do the PCB assembly, different PCBs tend to require different kinds of processes for them to work. For this reason, we need to have a shortlist of the processes that we would try first. In a way, this is the “wish list” of your processes.

These processes are required when we manufacture a PCB prototype. However, we only choose one for every circuit board. Some of these can be cost-effective, other processes can reduce the time needed on our total PCB manufacturing project, and there are also other processes that can do both and perhaps even more. Again, so that everything can work within the budget and time, this depends on the PCB, the type of project, and the reason for manufacturing them. As your PCB manufacturing partner, we can assist you in determining the best process for you.

Create the Prototype

After deciding on the design and process, it is then time for us to build the prototype and check how everything will work out. This process is simple: you send us your desired designs and just wait for us to send back the prototype.

During this stage, you could determine if the chosen process would work for you and decide what you would do with the remaining PCBs for the project. You can stay with the process if you like it, or try another one and build a different prototype.

Building the PCB prototype is an essential part of the whole PCB assembly process. We can try this with your batch order so you can notice the difference it will give you in terms of the outcome and quality of the products.

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signage software

In a world where information is very important, it is also important to have the medium to send it out with, whether it is a public announcement, or an advertisement. This is when a media signage can come into play. Digital signage is a type of signage wherein one can easily relay information and also change and update the information as one would see fit.

Such a way to relay information is useful in a lot of ways. A media signage for retail purposes will allow one to advertise their product easily from even just outside their store. It will also be at an advantage for them if the means is through a digital signage. A digital signage will allow one to post their new items easily, and if any changes will be needed for their signage, updating the information can easily be done.

Media SignageOther establishments can easily use a media signage. Government establishments can use a digital signage to give public announcement, show real-time news, or just to advertise new attractions. Hospitals can take advantage of a digital signage by giving announcements for incoming and waiting patients, or in some cases, it can provide entertainment to a sometimes boring waiting area. Schools and churches also use this to quickly give information that students and church-goers will find useful during their stay in the said establishments.

Making a media signage is not an easy task. One would need resources to create an effective one. A digital signage can be easy to create, but one would need a reliable system to do it, and that reliable system will be Media Sign Pro for Mac.

Media Sign Pro for Mac is a program that will aid in creating a digital signage no matter where it will be used with. It features an easy-to-use interface so that even one that is new to a computer can use it. Creating a signage is also easy since you can find templates that are already pre-installed in the software, so that you can just use one and edit or customize it to something that will suit your need. It can also accommodate different types of media so that you can make your signage as interactive, or eye-catching as possible.

In creating a digital signage, Media Sign Pro will have “Zones” that will allow you to place a certain type of media in it. Date and Time zones will allow you to place the current time and date in real time. RSS feeds will have its own zone for anyone to be able to see the advertisement in real time. This also goes well with a Twitter zone and a Web Content zone, which can then show Tweets from those who had seen the signage, or show contents from the Internet, which may include video streams and such. A text zone is also available so that one can place more details in the signage, and Image, Slide Show and Video zones are also available to place more content into the signage, maximizing its means of getting attention.

Another advantage of the Media Sign Pro is that it has a lifetime license. There will be no server connection requirements, and no other extra fees to pay in order for you to continue using it.

Media Sign Pro is made for the Mac, ensuring that your digital signage is placed in a reliable system. You can take advantage of the ease of use and flexibility that Media Sign Pro has with the help of a Mac, and updating your signage will be as easy as doing a few clicks. A Mac is known to be stable, and you will not need to worry of any updates that will happen periodically, nor of any virus issues.

Having a media signage is indeed necessary, and having the correct tool is needed. The Media Sign Pro for Mac will be the better choice if you want something that will be well worth your time and money.